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Is Traditional Pedagogy Gone or is it Merely Evolving?

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Since the dawn of time, traditional pedagogy has been a teacher centered phenomenon. The teacher an active character in the discussion and the student as a passive entity. Though this has been the standard for many years a little thing called the internet has been changing this traditional setup, and quite frankly it is about time!! Anyone who has been in a classroom that revolves around a lecture can tell you that it is BORING!!! And many times very ineffective.

Technology is evolving the traditional pedagogy and replacing it with a much more interactive environment for students. As mentioned in the introduction of The Digital Past by Cohen and Rosenzweig the internet has expanded the knowledge of many, and in my opinion it gives teachers an open window for exploration with their students. Not only can history teachers explore museum archives they can share it with their students and create fun and engaging projects.Although the internet can be an especially helpful tool there are still many who oppose digital history as a new learning tool. They claim that because it is not lead by scholarly experts that it is ineffective. Though I am a supporter of using sources on the internet to teach and do research, I do not wholeheartedly disagree with the “techno-skeptics” mentioned by Cohen and Rosenzweig. Instead of being on one radical side of the spectrum, I believe a “happy medium” can be achieved. And this is when a good teacher comes in and advises their students. High school and college students alike should be advised about the potential fraudulent sources that can be available on the internet. Moreover, I think students throughout the years have become more aware of what sources are “scholarly”. Though I do not think physical archives and books will be completely vanished, I do believe that the trend in teaching and learning history has become more internet based.

*In all after our discussion about digital history as a learning forum, I was left with an urge to learn more about where and how teachers are evolving with technology and how they are using it to engage students. I’m particularly interested in this because I am working on becoming a High school history teacher and I want to know how this new tradition will impact the way we teach in the classroom.

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