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Final Project-text!

“I went to see the site. I had a general idea that I wanted to describe a journey…a journey that would make you experience death and where you’d have to be an observer, where you could never really fully be with the dead. It wasn’t going to be something that was going to say, ‘It’s […]

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Chart and Graphs

  The line graph compares the number of times the name Maya Lin and Vietnam Veterans Memorial was mentioned between the years of 1970-2008. The spike could be attributed to a number of factors, but through some research I have come to the conclusion that has to do with the fact that a the Three […]

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June 18th blog.

  Takes a minute to realize it, but I think the wordle encompasses pretty accurately what the article ¬†Maya Lin: Clear Strong Visionary discussed. In the wordle the words grief, vision, Lin, water, and image can be seen and it is interesting how it abstractly summarizes what the article was about by taking important words […]

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Better late than never…

A rough look at my Vietnam Memorial map. I’m working on adding pins of the names of the casualties on the wall.  

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Prying Eyes

It’s easy to be paranoid on the web, with hackers on the loose, identity thief’s watching your every move, and ¬†more recently catfishing. When I evaluate my own practices on the internet and compare them to the articles that were assigned, I come to the conclusion that I need to be more proactive in my […]

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